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Microplan Italia SRL (Italy)

Electronic Levels, Analogue Level used for Flatness, Straightness and Leveling of Datum Surface.

Electronic Levels

The electronic level is a high-precision instrument for testing the inclination and the slope relative to the horizontal or any given angle.

The reading is expressed in seconds of the arc by way of a numeric display allowing a rapid readout. The instrument works on a pendulum principle. A pendulum always hangs vertically thus allowing measurement of the variance relative to the horizontal base. For all levels, the mechanic is housed in a oil-bath metallic box with high shock protection.

Laser Alignment System

WILMA Electronic device with laser for straightness testing with steel wire "Wilma" has been studied for straightness testing, for example of machine tools, on which it is placed, with respect to a wire fixed with two supports (not included) at the extremities. The eventual error is showed through a led display on the top of the instrument, while a digital micrometric table with reading to one thousandth gives the exact data. The device can stock up to 200 measures in a inner memory: then it is possible to transfer all the recorded data to the PC through the RS-232 interface. An electronic sheet will be automatically generated with a graphic of the straightness.

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