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OGP Multisensor Metrology India Pvt. Ltd. (USA)

One of the World's best Video Measuring Machine for Precision component inspection, verification & calibration.

Video and Multisensor Measurement Systems

Today, metrology systems must exceed the demands of manufacturing. Accuracy, traceability, reliability, ease-of-use, and speed are critical factors that require critical analysis when specifying a metrology system.

Get all the 3D measurement data with one single set-up. In a single measurement routine. Using one fixture. Save time. Improve your productivity. With Video and Multisensor Systems from the world leader in multisensor metrology – Optical Gaging Products!

Optical Comparators

OGP® Contour Projectors® project a precisely magnified image onto a viewing screen where it can be measured or compared against a master template. From the benchtop Focus™ family to the side screen OQ-30B™, OGP has the right optical comparator for you.

Laser Profile Scanners

Cobra™ laser profile scanners are precision instruments for quantifiable analysis of surface contours, profile, and texture without physical contact.

Vici Vision Optical Profile Scanners

Vici Vision systems perform fast and easy external dimensional profile measurements on cylindrical parts, such as shafts, valves, screws, and threaded inserts.

Full-Scan™ processing acquires a complete profile scan of a part in one pass, allowing tens or even hundreds of dimensions to be measured in the same fast cycle time.

Vici Vision systems are rugged and designed for use on the shop floor for rapid feedback of part dimensions to the manufacturing process.

Etalon Calibration Systems

OGP is the exclusive North American distributor of the volumetric calibration instrument from Etalon of Braunschweig, Germany.

The Etalon volumetric calibration technology provides a simple and fast procedure for the spatial calibration of measuring instruments and machine tools to submicron accuracy.

The Etalon volumetric calibration instrument is placed on the measurement system, and its laser beam locks on to the retroreflector that is attached to the system's probing system. After the Etalon instrument has registered a few positions on the measurement system, its software automatically tests the entire measuring volume and generates a measurement report.

Metrology Software

One of the ways OGP® brings Precision to People™ is with software designed from the user's point of view. Good software allows you to get the most from your measurement system. Learn about how OGP software makes OGP measurement systems so popular with people who use them every day.

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